Mead is the world’s oldest fermented beverage. Made from honey, mead was a favorite of every culture that loved to party down. Our meads are flavorful, mellow, and perfectly suited for sipping with a damsel by candlelight or knocking back from a ram’s horn before sacking the nearest nunnery. So get lost in a good drink and get your pillage on!
Big Lost Wild Man Mead


Traditional Clover Mead- 18% ABV

Traditional mead with strong honey notes that make no mistake of their origins. This clover honey mead is filled with flavors that harken back to the legends of yore and the incredible exploits of the Wild Man himself. Designed to be paired with friends, he will never disappoint a crowd and will always add to the party!
Wild Man Mead Info
Big Lost Crazy Woman Mead


Hibiscus and Honey- 18% ABV

The Crazy Woman full of passionate beauty and floral notes that abound through the nostrils and float upon the palate. Yet behind her Eden-esque aroma, she packs a punch that will take out the most fervent of warriors. Designed to walk upon a knife’s edge, she can take you either way. So handle with care and if you decide to partake in her passion, be ready for the fury!
Crazy Woman Mead Info
Big Lost Flathead Warrior Mead


Flathead Cherry Mead- 18% ABV

The Flathead Warrior is all warrior all the time. Born from the ravages of torment, he carries conflict with him. The dark blood color of the mead pales in comparison to the blood he has spilled over the ages. Yes there is a sweetness to his work that only those staring down the eyes of the elephant understand. Best served with ice, this mead will create stiffen your resolve and maybe a small taste of the epics will fall upon your tongue.
Flat Head Mead Info
Big Lost Sweet Dame Mead


Lemon Mead with Ginger- 15% ABV

Sweet Dame is a Lemon Mead with Ginger. Beautiful, serene, but sharp and carries a kick that will leave you crying if you’re not careful. She is one of our more powerful meads that is destined to rewrite your definition of perceived sweetness… you’ve been forewarned!
Sweet Dame Mead Info
Big Lost Island Gypsy Mead


Banana Mead- 18% ABV

Made from real bananas, this mead brings you back to the islands and the sweet breezes of the ocean. Subtle and innocent this gypsy tells us a tale that is beyond comprehension. She seems so nice, a little awkward, but nice. Yet her roots are never far behind her. Thus, her delicate banana notes will come at you with an ease and steal your sanity if you are not careful…
Island Gypsy Mead Info